Get Inspired at the National Wedding Show

Happy New Year folks! It was good to have the festive break but how is it already the second day of the new year? Lol. If you’re planning your wedding, you might already be feeling as if there’s not much time but have no fear – I got you covered 🙂 *Insert drumroll here* I’m […]

Would you go “faux” for your wedding flowers?

  Would you have artificial flowers at your wedding? Most people would probably say ‘no’ but here are some of the reasons why you might consider faux instead of fresh. 1. They make a beautiful and long-lasting keepsake. A wonderful reminder of your special day, you can keep your wedding bouquet exactly as is without […]

Baby Shower Favour – How to make a washcloth lollipop

Hello folks! Click below to watch a mini-tutorial showing you how to make a novelty lollipop out of small washcloths.These are great for baby showers – you can use them as prizes for games, cute favours or add them to a nappy cake! A useful and cute gift for the new mum and baby. Drop […]

Tools you need to make a baby bouquet – Tools of the Trade

Hi there! Maybe you’d like to get started in making your own baby clothes bouquets but you wonder what tools you need to get started? The short video below shows you some of the main tools that I use in my business everyday. Don’t worry – nothing too daunting! If this video was useful for […]

How to make a cupcake out of baby socks – A Sweet Baby Gift

Hi folks, Here’s a quick step-by-step mini-tutorial showing you how to make a cute sock cupcake. This is just one of the many styles that i use to make sock cupcakes. If you’d like to learn other styles and even get to ask me all your questions, I run a hands-on 1-2-1 cupcake class – […]

How to make a baby sock flower bud – Unique Baby Gift

Hi readers! If you’ve ever wondered how I make my flower buds, below is a short tutorial showing you how to make a cute bud out of a baby sock. Feel free to leave a comment below or beneath the video on YouTube. If you’d like to know more, I run a hands-on, 1-2-1 training […]